Post-Tournament Bass East Fishing Log for FLW Series East/West tournament
Falcon Lake Texas

Tournament Trail:  FLW
Angler: Power Tackle Pro  Keith Combs

Date:   11/20-22/08

Keith Combs compares his Tournament Performance to his Pre-Tournament
Predictions for Bass East.

Q: Do you feel your practice and preparation went as planned for this event?

A: No , not at all. I spent a lot of time looking for schools of fish
offshore and just never found them.

Q: Playing  “Monday Morning Quarterback”, what changes if any would you
make after this event ?

A: No regrets on this one I did what I could , I just never found the big
school I was looking for .

Q: You originally predicted flooded brush edges would be the prevalent
pattern and most bass would be caught flipping craws and on spinnerbaits .
Was this true ?

A: Yes most of the fish were caught Flipping or on Big spinnerbaits . The
top 3 weights all came offshore fishing ledges ,with Big worms and

Q:  You originally predicted 82-83lbs to win this event With 100 lbs not
being out of the question. Again you were right on the money.

A: Ya just can’t call Falcon !

Q: What’s next on the Bass Fishing agenda for Keith Combs ?

A: I have about a month and a half off  I will be guiding on Lake Amistad.
Then it’s back to Falcon for a Stren Series .

Thanks to Keith for all his help with the tournament reports .