Hail Mary Lipless Crank

Color: Phantom Bream
Sale price$6.00


Perfect for deep water applications like ledge fishing, the Luck-E-Strike 3/4 ozHail Mary Lipless Crankbait features an enlarged belly, which holds extra weight while remaining balanced so that anglers can effectively fish lower parts of the water column. The Luck-E-Strike Hail Mary Lipless Crankbait also features a thin tail design and a wide flat head that work together to produce a tremendous vibrating action, which stimulates the fish’s lateral line and triggers an aggressive predatory response.

For additional acoustic attraction, the Luck-E-Strike Hail Mary Lipless Crankbait is equipped with internal bb’s that generate a loud rattling sound to call fish in from a distance as well. Finished with a pair of razor-sharp treble hooks, the Luck-E-Strike Hail Mary Lipless Crankbait is taking lipless crankbait fishing to new depths.


  • Length: 2-1/2"
  • Weight: 3/4 oz

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