Rota Shad

Color: Green Back - Silver Tails
Sale price$11.00


A Patrick Sébile design, the Rota-Grub mimics 2 little fish going down and up at a cadence dictated by the rod tip movements. Very compact, it dives fast, often triggering bites on the fall. It can be worked with gentle or fast movements. Its 'V' construction with hooks pointing inward is quite snagless, yet allowing for good hook-up ratios.

The Rota-Shad offers the unique, patent pending Rota-Move action. When jigged at the right cadence and amplitude, this twin lure rotates 360 degrees as long as the cadence continues. This creates a lot of water turbulence as well as a very unique 3D visual effect, attracting predator's attention from any direction.


  • 1/8 oz

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