Zoom Bait Company has a long and illustrious reputation of building the best quality baits that catch bass.

From the Fluke to the Lizard to the Speed Craw they have some of the finest plastic products made. Super Chunk, Speed Worm, Trick Worm, Ole Monster and Brush Hogs are mainstays on the pro trails and weekenders have seen the benefits of these baits from coast to coast. When a product is developed at Zoom testing is essential before bringing it to market.

Zoom listens to anglers and their products are thoroughly tested by pro’s, press and mainstream anglers to the enth degree way before they ever hit the store shelves. Wired2Fish Bait Junkies have been part of process.

An example of one recent product we saw in the prototype phase was the Mag Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm. Pro-Staffers first saw that bait last fall. Zoom developed this large worm to be different than others on the market and one that we believe is a cross between a large Senko and the Speed Worm. The copyrighted tail of this worm gives it life and the bulk of the tapered worm gives the worm action. Very few worms we have fished have the wobble and flutter of the UV Speed Worm.

The Inside Scoop

Prototype products sometimes do not make it to the consumer. Testing is critical and the input from pros and product testers essential to see if a product should go to market.

The Ultra Vibe Speed Worm comes in a package of 8.