When it comes to tournament fishing it can indeed be like riding a roller coster.  When I  make a check or win a tournament I feel like I’m on cloud nine but the sport of bass fishing can be very humbling as well. Fishing can teach you a lot about life.  Sometimes no matter how much your prepare or how hard you try things don’t go your way and  you just can’t catch them.  You can feel the lowest of lows.  If your competative as  I am you always want to be at the top and you can feel down in the dumps if you don’t  perform to the best of your ability. Regardless of how I finish in my tournaments one of the things that I try to remind myself of and that fellow tournament anglers should not forget is the real reason they are attracted to the sport of fishing.  I got into fishing because I loved being in the outdoors.

I always liked being around water. Just the experience of watching the waves break was enough to get me hooked on being out on the lake.  I have always been facinated by the many ways that you can catch bass. Trying out different tackle and baits and learning how to use them to fool bass has always been a whole lot of fun. When I go fishing I like to experiment around a lot and keep things interesting.  When I am fishing a tournament I don’t get to fish my favorite baits or the way I want to fish all the time. When I get the chance to go fun fishing though sometimes I just tie on what I feel like throwing and if I catch fish I catch fish but if I don’t then no worries. When I get out to fun fish I like to get creative and just have fun out there. It can be all too easy to try and target just the bigger fish when you are out there just fishing for fun.  Sometimes though I like to just go fishing to catch whatever I can and just catch a lot of fish without worrying about the size.

Anglers should remember to take a step back and just go fishing for fun. You don’t always have to be thinking about pre fishing for the next big tournament on your lake.  Just go out on the lake and have a ball.  Lose yourself on the lake.  No matter how your day on the lake goes remember to keep your head up and have fun.