The Quantum PT line of reels is familiar to bass anglers, but the newest versions represent what the company calls an “extreme makeover” designed mainly to trim weight and heighten performance. The four Tour Edition PTs, weighing in at 7.5 ounces, are the biggest losers, with 2.3 ounces being trimmed from last year’s models. The redesigned reels feature strong aluminum drive gear, a carbon fiber handle, new Micro ACS external backlash control and slimmer reel foot. Yet these reels have 11 ball bearings for smooth casting performance. You’ll appreciate the weight reduction after a full day of chunkin’ and windin’.

The Energy and Catalyst PT (which stands for “performance tuned”) also have undergone weight-loss programs. All the new PT baitcasters have a new trip mechanism upgrade using heat-treated stainless steel injection-molded parts instead of zinc and aluminum, designed to improve performance and longevity. Prices range from about $279.95 for the TE baitcasters, down to $149.95 for Catalysts.