Riley and Riley Win Back-to-Back Potomac With Father’s Day Victory

The father/son duo of Ed Riley and Justin Riley continued their stellar 2008 season with
U.S. Angler’s Choice as they scored a close win on yesterday’s 4th Potomac Pro Teams tournament. 26 teams arrived plenty early at Smallwood State Park and we were able to launch 5 minutes ahead of the 80 boats in the Bassmaster Weekend Series. Our weigh-in was extended to 4:00PM to avoid inevitable gridlock at the ramp making for a long day on the water in the 90 degree heat.

Although the main stem of the Potomac was a bit choppy early, the weather was actually pretty decent for most of the day. The predicted storms did not move in until the end of weigh-in. With all of the boats on the water would the bass bury up in the grass and prove to be a scarce commodity at the weigh-in?

Keith Ridgely and Don Jones, fishing or Big Mouth Lures culled enough bass to finish in 5th place with a limit of 5 bass that weighed 17.42…good for $250. They reportedly fished to their strengths and caught 30 or so bass today. Good job!

John Bonn and Mike Brenneman also had a nice limit today. Going into today’s tournament they sat in 2nd place in the AOY hunt and were glad to have a heavy bag. Their weight totaled 18.20 and earned them 4th place and $300. Nice going!

James Brown and Rod Dawson have been moving up the AOY leader board and actually improved on their position with a huge limit today that went 19.50 pounds which put them in 3rd place. They collected $400 and plaques from Sanderson Marine for a great day catching bass on the Potomac! Way to go!

Finishing in the runner-up position with a great bag of fish were Jason Berry and Robert Walton. They had an incredible day on the water as they were culling 3 ½ pounders by 8:30 AM! When they completed their fishing day, Jason and Robert had culled to a wonderful limit that weighed 20.18 pounds. This great effort allowed them to be presented the 2nd place prize money, the 2nd place Option Pot money and 2 plaques provided by trail sponsor Sanderson Marine. Their cash winnings totaled $735. Great job!

Ed Riley and Justin Riley’s incredible Angler’s Choice run actually began 2 days before the end of 2007 with a victory in the Potomac Winter Division. Next came another Potomac Winter victory in January along with setting the new MD state record tidal bass. Add another win earlier this year in the Potomac Pro Teams Division and that leads us to this event. Ed and Justin caught just enough bass to squeak by Jason and Robert. Their final weight of 21.41 pounds also included the tournament lunker…a 5.84 pounder! In all they were awarded a total of $1790 in prize money, 3 plaques courtesy of Sanderson Marine, and expanded their AOY lead. Congratulations!

The next 2 tournaments in the Potomac Pro Teams Division will be on Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27th. Please note that these are individual tournaments.
Next Sunday, June 22 there is a U.S. Angler’s Choice DelMarVa Division tournament on the Potomac also out of Smallwood so please join us for this one as well.

Place Angler 1 Angler 2 Fish Big Bass Weight Winnings
1 Ed Riley Justin Riley 5 5.84 21.41 $1,790.00
2 Jason Berry Robert Walton 5 5.23 20.18 $735.00
3 James Brown Rod Dawson 5 5.18 19.5 $400.00
4 John Bonn Mike Brenneman 5 4.66 18.2 $300.00
5 Keith Ridgely Don Jones 5 4.91 17.42 $250.00
6 Bart Wines Tony Kronebrusch 5 5.28 16.41 $0.00
7 Rich Garner Dennis McGirl 5 4.26 16.05 $0.00
8 Gene Hord Mac McManus 5 4.48 15.75 $0.00
9 Dave Carey Todd Helm 5 3.4 15.4 $0.00
10 Scott vanHorn Matt vanHorn 5 3.39 15.4 $0.00
11 Dan Eckerd Chris Huffer 5 3.68 15.09 $0.00
12 Cliff Magnus Bernie Springer 5 3.41 14.8 $0.00
13 Les King Bryan Stack 5 3.3 14.75 $0.00
14 Rick Jones Dave Hankins 5 3.23 14.38 $0.00
15 Kevin Mahoney Rick Macannany 5 2.68 13.42 $0.00
16 Cal Brooks, Jr Jerry Grossman 5 3.89 12.99 $0.00
17 Dennis Gaske Deryl Green 5 2.99 11.86 $0.00
18 Randy Richards Dave Zeigler 5 3.07 11.5 $0.00
19 Ty Traff Robert Zacharias 5 4.36 11.39 $0.00
20 Frank Karl Mark Knapp 5 3.17 11.35 $0.00
21 Mike Purks Richard Mills 5 2.28 10.72 $0.00
22 Chris Healy Jon King 5 2.02 9.33 $0.00
23 Jim Weaver Gary Geisler 3 2.75 7.67 $0.00
24 Nathan Schaffer Jason Romesburg 0 0 0 $0.00
25 Ernie Leiphart Clefton Shortlidge 0 0 0 $0.00
26 Todd Neale James Neale 0 0 0 $0.00