Lake Fork Trophy (LFT) Lures is very pleased to announce its partnership with Scott Martin, one of the top anglers on Tour today and host of the popular Scott Martin Challenge television program.  LFT Lures will be the exclusive line, soft plastic, and tungsten weights sponsor for Scott Martin, personally, and The Scott Martin Challenge, which is now in its 6th season.  LFT Lures can now be seen by fishing fans throughout North America on Versus Network and the World Fishing Network weekly throughout 2010.  Ronnie Parker, CEO/Owner of LFT Lures shared, “We are excited and honored to have Scott Martin and his production team become part of our LFT family.  We are proud of the lineup of high-quality products we offer, ranging from our popular soft plastic lineup to our new assortment of high-end fishing line which is redefining the line category”.

Scott agrees, “I am super excited to represent the Parallelium line brought to you by LFT and all the other items LFT brings to the table.  LFT’s lineup of lures and line is unmatched in quality, and they are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation in the fishing industry.  The technology employed with the Powersilk co-polymer line and the FluoroHybrid Pro line is truly remarkable.  I honestly believe this is the best fishing line I have ever used in my life — the strength, sensitivity, and limpness makes it an absolute joy to fish with — it is silky smooth.  As a professional angler, I have to provide for my family based on my performance on the water.  When I am competing against 199 other top pros, I have to have the best equipment and I have never seen fishing line like this.  Ever.  My recent win on Lake Okeechobee and 6th place finish on Table Rock highlighted my use of LFT’s products which allowed me to catch more fish”.