jigs 010There is a new jig maker breaking into the market from Richmond, VA. Seaduction Lure Company is up and running in full swing and is bringing a lot to the table for the 2010 season. After great successes with a limited number of anglers hand testing the product in 2009, 2010 is sure to be a great year for the jig maker, and you can expect more great products as well. Seaduction jigs are set apart by a few aspects of their construction. First, all jigs are hand-tied, though not with traditional thread; they are wire-bound with copper wire! The copper lasts much longer than any type of threading material ever could, and of course anything is better than the traditional rubber-band used so often by other manufacturers. The wire also helps give the jig’s skirt some added flare while in the water. Next, all jigs feature a new style Owner hook with a unique bend that is sure to increase hookups. The skirt material used is locally produced, rather than a cheaper foreign material, and is of excellent quality. Finally, the lead heads are not only powder, and clear coated, they are also heat hardened to ensure excellent sensitivity and durability. While there is a standard lineup of jigs offered, custom orders are always accepted. Only your imagination limits what this jig maker can produce. Currently, Seaduction Lures are available on the shelves at Hooker Bait & Tackle in Toano, VA, or you can order via the web by emailing seaductionlureco@verizon.net. A killer website, new dealers, and even more products, including terminal tackle and soft plastics are coming soon! Follow their progress on Facebook for all the updates!