Skylar Hamilton

Birthday: 12-04-1994
Height: 5.6
Hometown: Big Stone Gap, VA
Family: Parents: Tammy and Larry
If you could only fish with one lure what would it be: plastic worm
Favorite band: Brad Paisley
Boat/Motor: Anglers Choice RangerZ20 comanche Nascar Edition, 225 ETEC
Tow Vehicle: Ford F150
If you were not fishing what would you be doing: Watching fishing shows on TV. Reading fishing magazines. Golfing.
Hero (explain):    My papaw, Ralph McKinney. He was the first person to introduce bass fishing to me. He taught me how to use a baitcaister when I was 5 years old. He never fished tournaments, just loved to fish!

He was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 7. We fished every chance we could for the next 3 years. He lost his battle at age 61. I fish in his memory…….

Career Highlights:

2008- 1st Place Wise Co. Jr. Bass Anglers Fall Classic

2008- 13th Minors Marine adult tournament

2008-Top 5 TBF VA state youth tournament

2008- Top 5 VA TBF Jr 6 man tournament

2008- Top 20 Minors Marine Adult Circuit tournament

2008- Top 10 B.A.S.S. VA youth qualifier

2008- 2nd place Wildcat Club adult tournament
and big fish.

2007- TBF VA Region 10 Youth State Qualifier

2007- 1st place Wise County Junior Bass Anglers
Fall Classic tournament

2007- 1st Place Wise Co. Jr. Bass Anglers “Last
Chance” tournament

2007- Wise Co Jr Bass Anglers “Topgun”

2006- Top 10 finish Mountain Music Invitational
Kids Tournament

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