David Gray of Ardent has been beaming like a proud papa this week, all due to the great reception being given to the new Smart Cull system.

We agree that it’s a winner and at a cost of about $40, it won’t hurt your pocketbook and could help put a few more bucks in your pocket during a tournament.

Smart Cull has six plastic, color-coded balls that are connected to a 9-inch vinyl-coated stainless steel cable and clip system. The balls have an integral, lockable dial system that goes to 15 pounds, 15 ounces. The left side of the ball has the pounds dial and the right side has the ounces dial, with locking systems to prevent them from being spun accidentally

So when you catch that sixth keeper and want to cull, all you have to do is open the livewell door, get your smallest fish and swap ’em out. The Smart Cull is not a weighing system, so you’d still need a digital scale or balance beam, but it is the coolest culling system we’ ve seen.

For more information on it, visit www.ardentoutdoors.com