There was a lot of buzz at this year’s ICAST show centered around the Zebco booth.  The engineers at Quantum have become very sensitive about their weight.  So much so, that they have created the Smoke PT series of rods and reels that redefines the term “lightweight”.

The Quantum Smoke reels are the lightest all-metal reels on the market today.  The engineers at Quantum utilized a solid one piece aluminum frame with aluminum side covers allowing for minimal weight without sacrificing durability, unlike some other reel manufacturers that use fragile magnesium.  The 100 size reels weigh in at a mere 6.2 ounces while the 150 size weighs only 6.8 ounces.

Quantum Smoke PT reels are available in 9 different models in 5 different gear ratios giving anglers plenty of options to best fit their style of fishing.  The compact 100 size reels are available in 7.0:1 and 6.3:1 gear ratios and feature the revolutionary Micro ACS II cast control system.  The 100 size utilizes a ceramic and composite washer drag system providing up to 17 lbs. of maximum drag.  The 150 size is available in an ultra fast 7.3:1 Burner gear ratio, 6.6:1 gear ratio, and a powerful 5.3:1 cranking gear ratio.  The 150 size also features the Infinite ACS II cast control system and uses ceramic, composite, and stainless steel washer discs for up to 19 lbs. of maximum drag.  Both the 100 and 150 size reels are driven by a lightweight aluminum main gear.  Both sizes have reduced their spool weight through precision machining, which increases the spool’s spin rate for greater casting distance and improved accuracy.

Quantum engineers were able to reduce the weight of the reels even further by utilizing a new hardened aluminum skeletal handle paired with lightweight EVA foam crank knobs.  This combination is not only lightweight, but is also more comfortable than traditional reel handles.  Smoke reels feature 9 stainless-polymer hybrid bearings, Quantum’s rock solid continuous anti-reverse, a titanium-nitride line guide, and Quantum’s Hot Sauce lubrication.

The ideal match for a Quantum Smoke PT reel is the new Smoke PT rod.  The Smoke series of rods are available in 6 different casting models ranging from a 6’6” medium action up to a 7’4” medium heavy action made from lightweight HSX70 million modulus graphite blanks.  Each Smoke rod features 10 of Fuji’s new super-lightweight Micro Guides with hardened aluminum-oxide inserts.  These new guides are 84% lighter than traditional guide sets, significantly reducing the overall weight of the rod while increasing castability due to decreased line vibration during casting.

Smoke PT rods feature ultra-light soft touch Fuji ACS reel seats for increased comfort and sensitivity.  Weight was reduced even further with the use of lightweight split EVA foam handles.  All Smoke rods weigh-in under 4 ounces with the exception of the 7’4” model, which weighs 4.5 ounces.  A Smoke rod and reel combo weighs in between 11 and 12 ounces, which is less than the weight of a Quantum Energy E40PTi-B spinning reel.

Even though the new Smoke PT rods and reels are super light, they will not leave your wallet feeling the same way.  The Smoke 100 size reel retails for $199, the 150 size retails for $219, and the Smoke rods retail for $129.  Smoke rods and reels are currently available at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s and will be available at many more retailers in the near future.  The combination of light weight, durability, and low price make Quantum Smoke PT rods and reels the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season and will help anglers smoke the competition out on the water in 2011.

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