I got out and fished 65lb Spiderwire Stealth Braid and I liked the way it performed the first couple of times out on the water. The braid casts really easy the first couple of times you use it and it is really quiet and easy on the guides. The line also holds its color for a surprisingly long time. Some people will say that you are suppose to get a year out of your braid but this braid starts to break down after about 10 trips. The line starts to fray in different areas along the spool.

As this process starts to happen the line becomes harder to cast and you start to get the formation of loops on the spool and the distance of your casts decreases over time. Because the line isn’t wrapped tight the line casts great and performs great at the beginning but later on this causes the line to have a shorter life. The line is priced a lot cheaper than other competitor lines which is a bonus but if your not on a tight budget I would suggest looking for another option. If you use braid only once and a while this braid will do just fine but if you use braid on a daily basis this isn’t the braid for you. You will be spending a lot of money replacing this line often.

Spencer Clark
Bass East Staff