One of the simplest tweaks and often overlooked is to make sure baits are in tune.  This means that the blades and the hook lineup perfectly so the bait does not list or roll in the water.   Grasp the bait by the hook and bend it slightly to one side or the other until the fine wire is directly in line with the hook.  Everything should be perfectly straight.
Throughout the day take a few moments to examine your bait.  Catching fish will also cause the bait to twist and not run correctly, which decreases effectiveness.  Take the time to bend it back into shape.
If I’m fishing a spinner bait “insight” by waking it or reeling really fast I prefer to use a 3/8 or 1/2-ounce.   With this size I can control my cast placement and I can slow the bait down by bending the blades upward creating an L-shape.  This tweak causes the blades to have more resistance and allows the bait to run higher in the water column.
On the flip side, and a testimate to the versatility of using spinner baits, if I chose to fish deep grass edges or off shore structure I simple bend the blades toward the main wire creating a V- shape.  This causes less friction and allows the bait to run a little bit faster and at deeper depths.