Big Bite Baits is about to introduce a new swimbait and if the testing is a forecaster of things to come this will be one killer product. The Super Shad very simply is a plastic swimbait with a body like a rattle trap and a tail section like a sassy shad and that combination flat catches fish. It has a slit on the belly of the bait to allow weighted hooks to ride close to the body to allow more tail action and hook sets are made easier as a result as well.

The colors of these baits are remarkable matching forage perfectly. The scale pattern is lifelike and the 3D eyes are protected and durable.

The Test

Clayton Batts of Big Bite Baits recently did some testing of the Super Shad and the photo below is a 10.6 lber caught on that trip. He also caught a 12 lber on the next cast. WOW.

The Super Shad (shown) is a very unique plastic by feel, smooth and durable yet very soft, and the action looks like a real shad or baitfish swimming.

It is very pliable and the narrow tail section behind the body of the bait combined with the boot tail makes this little guy kick like its being chased by……well, you guessed it…. a 10 lber.

The Super Shad body is very resilient to fish, hook wear and cover. After several fish the Super Shad still looked like brand new.

The Super Shad comes in two sizes, 4 and 6 inch and price range from $5.49 to $6.99. Both work well with a weighted 5/0 hook and we preferred an 1/8 ounce weighted hook

To learn more go to or call 877-222-7429.