ima Skimmer Grande Top Water Gets Bit

ima Skimmer Grande Top Water Gets Bit

There’s nothing like walking your topwater lure and seeing it get crushed. The ima lures Skimmer Grande creates some monster bowling ball blow ups. Follow Bill on his Facebook page. Get your Skimmer here.

Brass & Blades at the Classic

Elite series Pro Bill Lowen shows off the new Brass & Blades line up at the 2011 Bassmasters Classic. A unique heads design sets these baits apart.

Bassmaster Classic Picks

By Billy “Hawkeye” Decoteau It isn’t very often that I’ll try to predict the outcome of a bass tournament, let alone the World Championship Bassmaster Classic! However, for some reason the ‘Big Easy’ Louisiana Delta 41st B.A.S.S. Classic has me pumped up...

Two Bills Talk About the Square Bill

To paraphrase 1980s crooner Huey Lewis, once again it’s “hip to be square.” IMA pro Bill Lowen has a longstanding love affair with square-billed crankbaits but even though there are “hundreds of them on the market” no production model to...

USA Bassin Regional – Connecticut River

October 16th-17th Hartford, CT: When it comes to New England weather Mark Twain said it best, “If you don’t like the weather wait a minute!” Such was the case at the USA Bassin 2-Day New England Regional Championship on the Connecticut River. ( Tidal...