Turn on the TV or radio today and you have to search for good news.  No doubt there are many challenges that we face as a nation and across the globe.  However, we are all truly blessed as Americans to live in the greatest country in the world.  A country that offers us freedoms and opportunities that are unmatched anywhere.  As those in our military and those with family members in the military know all too well, those freedoms do not come without sacrifice.  I recently watched a documentary chronicling some of the more pivotal moments during WWII and was reminded just how much was sacrificed by so many.  Sacrifices made by both those at home and abroad to afford us the freedoms that I(we) sometimes take for granted today.  As someone in their mid-40’s now, I was too young growing up to fully understand the importance of the critical role our military played in shaping this country…and the world during that time.  However, I found myself telling many of my friends about the images of that documentary and how it made me consciously think about all that was given to build a safer world for all.

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It also reminded me of the challenges our men and women in uniform face today.  These dedicated men and women continue to sacrifice their lives and their time for our country…our freedom.  And they too continue to show that determination and resolve that made this country so great.  Although our conflicts are different than they were in the past, they are no less costly.  The lives of all involved are changed forever.  Regardless of your position on current or past conflicts, there is no debating the dedication shown to our nation by those that serve it.

As we begin a new year and reflect on all the blessings we have, remember to keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers.  When you see one of our service men or women, past or present, please tell them “thank you”.  If you know a serviceperson send them an email and tell them you care.  Let them know how much they are appreciated and respected.  Let them know that even though it is easy for all of us to take things for granted,  we will never take them or their service to our country for granted.  We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude; a debt we’ll never truly be able to repay.

I, along with everyone at Basseast say “THANK YOU” for everything you do or have done for our country.  God Bless!

Chris Harrison