“Today’s inquisitive bass anglers strive for the highest level of technical bass information possible!” says The Bass University’s Peter Gluszek. Adding with a smile, “We believe anglers attending our 2010-2011 scheduled programs will be overwhelmed with our new classroom activities!”

Students, who attended the first series of seminars last year, were not disappointed at all! Gluszek and Mike Iaconelli (Co-Founders of TBU) managed to pull off the most extraordinary two-day instructional bass seminar programs period! Elaborating further the New Jersey based Pro Anglers continued, “The response we received from attending students was absolutely 100% positive! That in and of itself is unheard of, especially when dealing with a wide range of student demographics.” Iaconelli adds, “Log unto any bass fishing web site and you’ll find positive feedback from all four of last years seminars! Because of our students feedback we have expanded to five locations.”

(Log unto www.TheBassUniversity.com to read some of the student’s responses.)

Unless you actually attend one of The Bass University seminars, it is impossible to   comprehend the amount of angling information tied with student interaction taking place within each individual University Instructor’s presentation! Our Bass East cameras were continuously scanning classrooms filled to capacity, as eager Bass University students logged specific detailed techniques within their notebooks, ran tape recorders, and others spoke out asking individual instructors to repeat specific step-by-step techniques when needed.

According to Mike Iaconelli, he and Pete Gluszek seek out members of their peers who not only carry the tours highest accolades, but those professional anglers who are capable, willing and able to share their successful tactics and strategy within a classroom. “Our Bass University classrooms are comprised as Mike said, of a wide range of individual student knowledge. So it is imperative that we hand-pick each of our Professional Bass Angler Instructors, based upon a variety of factors,” replied Gluszek.

Just what are some of these important Bass University factors? Pete Gluszek responds, “Based on the location of each seminar, the bodies of water within that region, and previous professional bass trail tournament results, we begin our search for our Pro Angling peers. Pro Anglers, who are extremely familiar within each regional location, will also have an extensive knowledge for patterning transitional seasonal movements in those specific regions. Sharing their winning strategies and techniques to our Bass University students is imperative to our search for the best possible instructors!”

Both Iaconelli and Gluszek agree not every Professional Bass Angler has the ability to actually teach, demonstrate and explain in detail techniques so that their students understand it. “Utilizing teaching aids such as power point presentations, allowing students to take notes on key points, as well as on-the-water pictures for clarity, classroom structured handouts, and even videos are just some of the teaching tools we look for our instructors to incorporate into their classroom presentations.”

Bass University Co-Founded Pete Gluszek, was quick to add, “Mike’s power angling phrase is “NEVER GIVE UP”, add that to our Bass University motto of “NEVER STOP LEARNING”, and together Mike, myself, along with our Bass University Staff, took a hard look into reviewing each of our previous years individual seminar locations. Critiquing our formats with the understanding to satisfy the needs of our students, while upgrading their angling ability we developed a ‘Hands-On Workshop’ which will be utilized at each of our five seminar locations.”

Continuing Gluszek says The Bass University seminar programs will utilize a hands-on workshop format, by splitting the classroom up into smaller groups and rotating every 15-20 minutes. Each ‘Hands-On’ station will feature one of the seminar locations Professional Angler Instructors. Pete Gluszek says, “After the completion of each Instructors seminars last year, and at everyone of our four locations, the instructor no sooner took two steps from the podium and he was surrounded by students casting questions from every direction.” Mike Iaconelli was quick to add, “Immediately we knew we needed to address the needs of our students, by making certain every student walked away from our Bass University seminars with their personal questions answered!”

Gluszek and Iaconelli enlighten me as to their classroom format and all the extras attending students would be receiving. It was indeed obvious The Bass University staff had left no stones unturned in their quest to bring America’s Bass Anglers the most comprehensive detailed, organized seminar programs possible! Here are just some of what attending bass students will receive;

  • Complete Course Outline for easy reference to Topics
  • FREE Tackle Gift Package
  • FREE One-Year subscription to Bassin Magazine
  • FREE ‘The Bass University’ T-Shirt
  • 2 Days of Intensive ‘Bass Classroom’ Instructions and Education
  • Hands On Workshop Instruction with each ‘University Instructor’

“Mike and I have recruited the most consistent and respected Professional Bass Anglers available, arranging for their appearances at ‘The Bass University’ locations where they have been most successful,” suggest Gluszek.

Gluszek, a Lake Champlain and Hudson River Champion, is also a Tidal Water specialist, operating a Licensed Guide On-the-Water Teaching Service on areas such as the Chesapeake Bay Region. So you can expect to have Ranger/Evinrude’s Pete Gluszek talking changing tides and catching huge smallmouths on big water at the January 2011 Framingham, Massachusetts location. (www.PeteGluszek.com)

The following is a list of the five locations across the United States to host Gluszek’s and Iaconelli’s ‘The Bass University’ 2-Day seminar programs;

  • November 6-7th, 2010 Kissimmee, Florida
  • December 4-5th, 2010 Chicago, Illinois
  • December 11-12th, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee
  • January 8-9th, 2011 Shreveport, Louisiana
  • January 15-16th, 2011 Shreveport, Louisiana

Registration is a breeze, advises Gluszek. “Interested individuals may call 1.856.521.0046, visit our web site at www.TheBassUniversity.com or drop us an email at BassUniversity@gmail.com.”

Taking their ‘The Bass University’ program to another level, Gluszek and Iaconelli are offering large discounts once again to members of The Bass Federation (TBF/FLW), The Federation Nation (B.AS.S.), while Youth Anglers 16 years old and younger also receive large discounts.

“One other item that will certainly add to the program is what we call “Pizza with the Pro’s”. All attending youth students will have the opportunity to eat pizza with their Pro Instructors, have their pictures taken, ask any questions and just chill-out,” says Mike “Ike” Iaconelli. Glusezk adds, “Sorry no adults allowed, this is strictly for the kids! However, we will be drawing names for adults to have ’Dinner with the Pro’s’ at each location as well

If sitting in the classroom for eight hours with America’s Top Professional Bass Anglers, looking them in the eye and learning their winning techniques, while asking any question you want…and getting an answer, puts you on a Bass Learning Frenzy, my advice is call today and reserve your seat ASAP!!! Seats are limited and this is one time you don’t want to be skipping class!!! (1.856.521.0046, web site at www.TheBassUniversity.com)

by Billy “Hawkeye” Decoteau