Bassers are beginning to talk about a pair of sunglasses with multiple shaded lenses and glare reduction gradients that would make some companies envious. Some anglers are using Kore optic-ware for sight fishing in high and low-light conditions, so we decided to see what all the chatter was about.

These ergonomically designed sports-ware use Glare 86 polarizing technology and a proprietary light transmission control called LTC. The SR 91 lens filters out UV and Blue light while maintaining high resolution. Definitely a step forward in bassin’ spec ware!

So our staff tested the Kore with the mindset “we’ve seen it all.” To our surprise we hadn’t seen things as clearly as previously thought. These fishing eyes were visually sharp and provided a tremendous amount of glare reduction. If you sight fish, you know these traits in a pair of sunglasses are difficult to incorporate.

To put it bluntly, we were impressed. Thumbs up, to some hot specs which live up to all that chatter.

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