Here is what day two leader Anthony Gagliardi had to say. After a tough morning on day one, he decided to head straight to his primary spot, not knowing if his fish would bite early.  It paid off big for the Chevy pro, he had fifteen pounds in the boat by nine-thirty and spent the rest of the day culling to get to the nineteen pounds fifteen ounces he carried to the scales. Gagliardi relied on three baits throughout the first two days, a Lake Fork Craw and a Lake Fork Baby Creature.  He also said when the bite got tougher he was able to catch a few on the Lake Fork Ring Fry.  With only a twenty mile run, weather should not be a huge factor in his game plan for the rest of the week.

Note: From the day one report Scalish said the guy with 18-19 pounds a day would be golden.

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