Wernersville, PA (March 30, 2009) – Go Fish Enterprises announced today that its web site, www.findthebass.com, has gone live.  It is the first and only database focused web site that guarantees its members will learn faster, fish smarter and catch more fish. 

“Unlike other on-line database programs, ours is the only one that is truly designed to be used as a fishing tool” states company founder Keith Harnish.  “We offer features that graphically demonstrate the effectiveness of the pattern listed in the database” he explains.  “Analyzing this data will allow the angler to determine if this is a lake where you would want to vacation with the family or what kind of weight you’ll need to place high in a tournament, plus what patterns have been the most effective with the current conditions”.

Additionally, Findthebass.com has partnered with JBS Fishing Products, makers of Vicious Fishing Line and Vicious branded products and Secret Weapon Lures.  “I’m extremely proud to be associated with both these brands” states Keith.  “I’ve used these products and feel they are of the highest quality and offer the best value in fishing today.”  He goes on to say, “Secret Weapon Lures is the first manufacturer of spinnerbaits to offer true innovation in the last 50 years.  Their replaceable blade system offers a unique look and sound the bass haven’t heard, and that equates to a fantastic edge for the fisherman.”  Regarding JBS Fishing, Keith’s states, “The Vicious products are not only the absolute best value in fishing line today, they are the highest quality lines I have ever used as well.”  The three companies plan on combining their efforts to provide an unparalleled level of expertise to the bass fishing community.

About Go Fish Enterprises – Go Fish Enterprises develops cutting edge web products designed to elevate the knowledge and effectiveness of today’s anglers.  To learn more about our web site, log onto www.findthebass.com or call 610-207-1191.