The Professional Anglers Association is kicking off the month of December with some serious work. The plan is for a three day, Work Camp in Benton, KY but there will be no fishing involved. 2009 has been a banner year of growth for the PAA with membership up over 100% since January. With the successful launch of the Carrot Stix Tournament Series, the development of FishPAA Television, and other media properties, the PAA has made a significant mark on the fishing industry. To continue driving all these improvements and future plans, the staff and board of the PAA are meeting at the Moors Resort and Marina for some intense work sessions designed to bolster the PAA for the coming years.
According to Jamie Hairgrove, PAA Operations Manager, “PAA has come a long way in the last year and the Board and Staff understand the importance of taking advantage of the momentum. We have an extremely dedicated Board, and two hours each week on conference calls isn’t
enough to make all the decisions and plans for 2010 and beyond. So the Board is taking advantage of their season end and taking time away from their families and hobbies to make sure that everyone can focus completely on the PAA and what is best for our members, sponsors, and organization as a whole. It is going to be an intense three days, but we have high expectations that we will leave the Work Camp feeling confident, motivated, and unified on the direction of the PAA. We’ll have many exciting announcements for our members and the industry over the next few months.”

These critical meetings will appropriately take place on the shores of Kentucky Lake, just up the road from PAA headquarters in Benton, KY. The Moors Resort and Marina, with a full service lodge, cabins, and marina, will be the hub of the three-day Work Camp, but their boat ramp won’t see any PAA action. Although the view will be beautiful and albeit tempting, items on the agenda are all work and no play. They include a variety of topics from enriching the membership benefits program to updates to the Three Year Event and Business Plans. In addition to the current board, all past presidents have been invited to participate as well since they helped shape the PAA in its earliest years. The collective experience and wisdom focused on the PAA December 1-3 will be impressive, as this group of individuals have been a part of the evolution of professional bass fishing.

PAA President John Crews echoed Jamie’s sentiment and highlighted the importance, “The sport of professional bass fishing is in a state of uncertainty right now. The PAA’s mission is to make sure that we continue to have plenty of opportunities to make a living by catching bass. This juncture of the PAA and the sport is so important that we are dedicating extra time to make sure the PAA does their role to the best of our ability. The Work Camp will be a great time to ensure all the Board and PAA staff is working towards unified goals. We plan on keeping our membership and the bass fishing world in contact with our progress.”

Members can rest assured that a great deal of work and effort has gone into the expansions of 2009, but overall the Board and staff recognize it is only the beginning. The PAA will continue to work diligently towards their goal of giving professional anglers a unified voice in order to aid in the growth of the sport of professional bass fishing. Each component of the planning is coming together to bolster that voice and add credibility to the organization. With a greater voice and a growing membership it can continue to administer educational programs to the average angler, to increase enjoyment of the sport, and to embrace sound conservation practices to further the future of the sport. Your continued support of the Professional Anglers Association is appreciated.