The Rock rolls over standard sinkers with multipurpose design

tn_bigBAKERSFIELD, Mo. (Oct. 7, 2009) – While any mention of the “The Rock” is likely to conjure up different images among football aficionados than it does from anglers, the reference is still probably going to bring smiles to the faces of both.

Therefore, it seems only appropriate that Jewel has named its new lead fishing sinker “The Rock,” because this most innovative fishing weight design ever borrows its heritage from both sports.

The Rock is the perfect cross between a traditional worm sinker and the popular football jig, getting the very best traits of both items. It looks like a football head, but it has a hole entirely through it just like any slip sinker does. All similarities to previous fishing weights stop there.

For starters, The Rock has an angled hole and specialized surfaces to allow for two different rigging options. Run the line through the sinker in the direction that puts the weight’s flat surface on the underside and The Rock will roll and tumble over rocks and other obstacles like nothing else.

Reverse the line direction so the sinker’s “shovel” side faces forward and The Rock stirs up the bottom when fishing irregular areas of sand, clay, pea gravel, etc. The versatility means that the Rock Rig is the ideal single solution for both Texas rigging and Carolina rigging.

“Who would have ever imagined that something as simple as a fishing sinker was going to benefit from computer-design technology using the principles of physics and mathematical calculations,” said Gayle Julian, Jewel founder and president. “The Rock still has the same ol’ job of getting a bait down to structure, but once there it truly becomes a fishing tool for today’s modern anglers.”

The Rock is available in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce sizes and is unpainted.  The 1/2-ounce size is sold four per pack, and the 3/4 ounce comes three per package.

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