If you have ever wanted the opportunity to fish with a touring BASS or FLW Professional Angler here is your chance! As one of the winners of the “Fish With A Touring Bass Pro” you will team up with one of the several participating touring professional anglers. You will get to compete as partners in “THE RON PHILLIPS BENEFIT BASS TOURNAMENT” against the rest of the tournament field.

Here is your chance to fish with current touring BASS/FLW Pro Randy Yarnall, Frank Ippoliti touring FLW Pro, BASS Elite Series Pro Jeff Connella, and WBT Pro Angler Christiana Bradly along with other still to be determined pros. The more tickets you buy the more chances you get so dig deep to increase your odds all while contributing to a great cause.

Get 1 chance @ $10 7 chances @ $50 and 18 chances @ $100.
The more chances you buy the more chances you have!

“Fish With a Touring Bass Pro” Rules and Regulations

What winners get:

WINNER partners up with one of several participating TOURING BASS PROS. They will compete as partners in “THE RON PHILLIPS BENEFIT BASS TOURNAMENT”. Boats will be provided by Pros. The Pros decisions regarding the tournament (boat control, locations, etc…) will be final. Winners must conduct themselves in a responsible sportsmen’s like fashion and must abide by tournament rules. *** Winners must provide their own proper fitting Coast Guard approved Life Jackets/Vest!

How to qualify:

Send in payment along with a completed “FISH WITH A TOURING BASS PRO” application which must be received by August 1, 2008. MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO ENTER Upon receipt of application Ticket(s) with your name and phone number for each entry will be deposited into a raffle bin. YOU MAY PURCHASE AS MANY TICKETS AS YOU WANT. Tickets will reflect your entries. Proper Identification must be presented the day of the tournament.

Then on August 1, 2008 in the presence of “The Ron Phillips Benefit Bass Tournament” Organizing Committee an impartial third (* see note) party will draw WINNERS and Alternates. Following the drawing the names of WINNERS and Alternates will be posted on the website. Winners and Alternates will also contacted by phone in order to confirm their seat. Each Winners tickets will then be placed in individually sealed envelopes. On August 16 at 4:00A.M, WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE PAVILLION in Anchor Marine in North East Md, at which time they will contact Jellybean (John K.) Then in presence of the WINNERS, the BASS PROS will draw one envelope each. The ticket inside will determine their PARTNER.

In the event a WINNER does not show at the ramp, at the designated time they will forfeit their seat and an Alternate may be drawn. If the Alternate that is drawn forfeits, the pro will continue to draw until he is paired up.

In the event that a BASS PRO who did not preregister with the committee or tournament decides He/She wants to participate in “Fish with a TOURING BASS PRO” then the Alternates who are at the tournament will be afforded the opportunity to accept or pass his/her seat. The Alternates who accept their seat will then have their envelopes drawn by the Pros as in the original drawing.

NOTE: Winning Alternates must accept the options listed below and inform their original partners (if already registered to fish the tournament) of their decision. The Alternates Original Partner will be given the following options

Options: 1) Omitted partner may continue to fish alone in their boat.

2) Omitted partner may pick up another angler (registered/nonreg. no additional fee)


The decisions of the The Ron Phillips Benefit Tournament Organizing Committee if final.

NOTE: If you are drawn as a winner we will request a contact in the event of an emergency. Please present this information on the day of the event.

Members of the Ron Phillips Benefit Tournament Committee are not eligible to participate.

Ron’s Story

Ron Phillips is a 13 year old young man who is a Junior Member of the Marsh Creek Bass Club as well as the Tri-County Bass Masters. He is currently fighting a battle that most of us will never even come close to experiencing in our entire lifetime.

On February 27, 2008 Ronald was admitted into AI DuPont hospital for a Grade IV liver laceration from a backyard football game with his friends. For many weeks doctors worked vigorously to support his body’s functions in efforts to allow his liver laceration to heal on its own. While waiting and praying for his liver to heal, Ron was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia a rare, fast-growing type of blood cancer. Now he would have twice the fight on his hands. To add insult to injury, the liver the doctors were so desperately trying to save did not heal and at 1:00am on Wednesday April 23rd 2008, Ronald received a new liver.

In the weeks since the transplant Ron has remained stable and is making slow and steady progress. However he still has an incredibly long road ahead of him and he needs all of our thoughts and prayers to aid him in making a speedy recovery. Ron and his family need your support and your prayers so that they may all come out of this on top. Do your part to help make this just a little easier for them.

Please visit marshcreekbassclub.com/rpbt for more information or www.caringbridge.org/cb/viewHome.do