While the Roumba is ready to go straight out of the package, with razor sharp owner hooks and deftly applied paint jobs, bass fishermen are tinkerers by nature and the IMA staff has already found multiple ways to make the Roumba stand out even more.

Captain Karl has pioneered one of the most innovative additions we’ve seen — he adds a hitchhiker to the rear eyelet and then adds an Optimum Double Diamond swimbait as a trailer. The resulting swagger makes the already wide wobble of the Roumba seem like a tight shimmy.



“At first it was just in dirty water,” he said. “But now it’s getting to be almost 100% of the time. It absolutely super-charges the wake.”

Others, like Roumbanis and Pringle, will add a 4- or 6-inch hand-poured worm to the hitchhiker, usually in a color meant to offset the color of the bait itself. “It looks just like a mouse swimming across the surface,” Fred said. “A 6-inch Roboworm is perfect because it’s pliable and also because it floats.”

Pringle said it’s critical to snap the hitchhiker to the hook hanger itself, not the split ring, to ensure that the worm stays above the hook.

Our group has also added feathered trebles to the rear and Bill Lowen has experimented with adding a metal blade above the rear hook, adding a junkyard clank reminiscent of the old “Big Bud” lures that have a cult following in Japan.