New to the market, TRIKA rods is a USA-based company that brings a fresh perspective to building quality fishing rods.

We recently had the chance to test out one of the casting rods in several different scenarios, throwing a 3/8 oz swimbait and a 1/2oz Chatterbait. 

The overall construction of these American-made rods is nothing less than impressive, from the tapered carbon fiber grip and reel seat all the way up the TRIKA proprietary blank that sports an adequate amount of Titanium/Zircon guides (12) you can feel the quality. 

The team at TRIKA claims their rods are lighter and more sensitive than other well-known brands on the market. If you check out the TRIKA website they have the data to back it up. All we can say is in a real-life situation they cast really well and are incredibly light.

Undoubtedly with the rod being so light the concern of durability has to be considered, after boat-flipping several solid 3-pounders, we were able to put those thoughts to rest.

The rod we tested:

C75MHF    7’5’ Medium Heavy / Fast

Handle Length: 10.5″

Guide Count: 11+1

Species: Bass, Redfish, Muskie, Striper, Inshore

Techniques: Texas Rig, Chatterbaits, Carolina Rig, Small/Medium Swimbaits, Alabama Rig

7% lighter 

2X more sensitive

29% longer casts

You won’t find these rods at your local tackle shop they ship direct from the manufacturer to the consumer creating a significantly lower cost all backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

In the market for a new rod? Check them out at