Trophy Tecnologies, LLC purchases Castaic – The Original Swimbait Company

Indianapolis, IN., November 5, 2009 –Making further inroads into the swimbait category for all species of Bass and Northern Pike / Musky – Trophy Technologies, LLC announces the purchase of Castaic – The Original Swimbait CompanyR and Castaic SoftbaitsTM.  Throughout the fishing tackle industry, Castaic remains the recognized inventor of the swimbait category, currently the hottest lures for big Bass in North America and big Pike in the European Union.  Recognized by Field & Stream magazine as one of the top 50 all-time fishing lures, Castaic Swimbaits and Softbaits have twice graced the cover of this prestigious publication.

While Trophy TechnologiesTM has made significant inroads into both the swimbait and softbait categories the last four years with its wholly owned brand Reaction StrikeTM, both Rick Quade and Kris Reibel recognize the importance to these categories that the Castaic brand and its award winning and patented lures have to fishermen all over the world.  Since the beginning of Trophy Tech in 2003 – Quade and Reibel have sought to build a balanced business with significant presence in the North American Musky / Pike, Bass and Inshore Saltwater markets and a rapidly growing international presence.  In addition, Trophy Tech licenses and manufactures Award winning rods for Bass under the Matt LuresTM brand and for Musky / Pike under the Musky InnovationsTM brand name.  While just a short two years has passed since Castaic was purchased from founder Jason Scott and other investors by Nature Vision, Inc of Brainerd, MN – Castaic realized the fruits of significant investment into research & development, marketing and patents.

Trophy is working to continue the long traditions at Castaic by retaining Jason Scott and the team at Castaic for manufacturing, modeling, product research & development, field testing and will work to expand the sales and marketing presence in all corners of the world.

“Combining Jason’s ideas with our history of getting products to market in a timely fashion will generate a creative powerhouse that the fishing industry has only seen on rare occasions” said Reibel.

“Our first priority was to talk to all the loyal Castaic customers to determine the best way to keep them fully stocked on all the products that have been in short supply the last few years due to mainly all the subtle complexities involved with the manufacturing of the Castaic product line.  With Patents covering every product, the Castaic team did a great job in innovating each product to a level not seen by all the other companies in these categories” said Quade.

Castaic offers Patented products with its original Hard Head & Swimbait Series, Platinum Series, Rock Hard Series, Jerky J Series, Catch-22 Series, Swimming Cisco, Trainwreck Spinnerbaits, Rumbler Topwater Musky Pike Series.  Together with Reaction Strike – the brands offer over 4000 skus for serious anglers.

Trophy Technologies, LLC is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and was founded in 2003.  Please direct questions to Rick Quade at email at: or #317-752-8608.