North Bend, OH – Fishing fans across the country will want to track down Elite Series pro Bill Lowen this season.  The reason?  He is giving away free products from The Rod Guard™ and Buck Knives at all Elite Series events.

The giveaway is simple.  Bring your favorite rod and reel to Bill at any Elite Series event and he will install The Rod Guard™ on it and give you a Buck Knife.  He will also provide tips on how to use The Rod Guard™ and Buck Knives to improve time spent on the water.

“My first knife as a kid was a Buck and I have used them ever since.  I recently began using the X-Tract™ tool and it is a winner.  It is one of those tools that once you begin using it you are not sure how you ever did without it.”

“After fishing the Classic on the Red River I would put The Rod Guard™ in the same category.  I had to get the biggest hookset possible to move those fish from the heavy cover and The Rod Guard™ installed on my flipping sticks kept me from bruising my side.  At one point in practice I dredged up a really nice rod and reel someone lost.  I bet that guy tracks me down for a Rod Guard™.”

The promotion begins March 12th at the first Elite Series event of the season at Lake Amistad in Del Rio, TX.  Supplies are limited to the first 25 people at each event.
Lowen is very excited about the chance to interact personally with fans.  “Fishing fans are the absolute best.  They all fish so there is this common bond we share.  I am fortunate enough to be out there every day on the very same water they fish oftentimes.  Any time I can give something back it feels good.  I am so excited that The Rod Guard™ and Buck Knives are allowing me this opportunity with the fans.”

Arguably the most famous name in sports cutlery, Buck Knives are available in a wide range of designs, made specifically for end users in three categories: Outdoor Life which encompasses hunting, camping & hiking, fishing, and survival.  Rounding out the categories are Everyday tools and Legacy collectibles.   For more information contact Jennifer Gish at 800-326-2825 x-208 or

For information about The Rod Guard™ contact Steve Hall at 800-203-4385, online at or