Georgetown, TX – Veteran Outdoors, today, is proud to announce an alliance with ArmyBassAnglers with promise of advancing the missions of both organizations.
“Veteran Outdoors will be able to expand into a great [sport fishing] industry and provide our veterans a chance to live the excitement of some high speed competitions with ArmyBassAnglers Pro Cody Roberson,” said Cody Hirt, host and founder of VO. “This would be a dream for a lot of guys.”

The alliance will expand the reach of VO by adding the professionalism and support of ArmyBassAnglers, who welcome the opportunity to provide the thrill of bass fishing to deserving veterans. VO will provide the platform to expose the alliances’ work on a viral network with their television show, expected to air in the near future.
“We hope we are able to provide the same level of professional support to Veteran Outdoors in both arenas of fund raising and awareness that we have been able to provide to the other 3 non-profits we support,” said Cody Roberson, ArmyBassAnglers, president and founder. “We see Veteran Outdoors as the “missing link” and will complete our Task Force of completely professional non- profits to further extend our combat power to help all veterans that love the outdoors in our battle to SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH.”

By competing in bass tournaments, charity events and making appearances, ArmyBassAnglers is able to support programs like Take a Soldier Fishing, Returning Heroes Home and Fishing for Freedom.

“The excitement of working with ArmyBassAnglers & Cody Roberson has come with planning the upcoming fishing events that will clearly expand our viewership and create a lot of mutual friendships for our guest veterans and the bass fishing community,” said Hirt.
VO will continue to honor our nation’s veterans with the chance to experience unique outdoor adventures while allowing the veterans to tell their amazing and life changing stories.

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