Wacky rig has caught on big the last few years. To rig your Cane Stick wacky bend the bait in half to find the middle, and run your hook through the middle of the bait. When looking at the bait you will have equal lengths on each side of the hook that will move as the bait is falling through the water. I generally fish this on a 7ft medium action spinning setup, spooled with 8lb to 10lb fluorocarbon line. What I rig as my hook will vary as to the condition I am fishing.

If I am fishing my wacky rig shallow I will rig the Cane Stick on a worm hook with no weight, but in windy conditions or if I am fishing a little deeper water I will use the Big Bite Weighted EWG hook. If I am presenting the wacky Cane in deeper water conditions I will opt to use a Big Bite Wacky Jig Head. It is critical that you do not over power the bait; match the weight of the jig head to the depth of the water that you are fishing to be able to keep a constant feel of the bait. The key to fishing a wacky rig is let the bait fall on a semi slack line, most of the time when you get bites it will be when the bait is falling; so pay close attention. If you do not get a bite lift the bait and let it fall again on a semi slack line.