created the Invisa-swivel. This creation is the first of it’s kind, a see-thru-swivel for bassers?

The patent pending invention is transparent, flexible, tough, rotates without resistance and is neutrally buoyant. This is great little device for various line connection combinations. Imagine, braid and fluoro now mated with no compromise. The swivel is a dream to fish on carolina rigs

Remember dropshotting and its close relationship to line twist? By utilizing the invisa-swivel you gain less line twists with no compromise to visual advantages.

There are several swivel sizes. Use the very tiny size rated for 12 pounds of pressure for finesse applications graduating gradually for heavier applications when necessary.

When we tested the swivel we were amazed with it durability and stealth-like appearance. Tournament anglers are going to love this deal, trust us.

BASSEAST rates this idea as BRILLANT!

This is one of those creations you just have to admit is smart, really smart!

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