Q: Which college classes should I take to help become a pro fisherman, and why?
Cody Pike
Powhatan, VA

A: Cody, At Purdue University, I graduated with a Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences degree from the school of Agriculture, division of Forestry, and took many sales related classes in the Selling and Sales Management school at Purdue.  From a professional stance, I highly encourage taking as many speaking and sales classes as you could possibly take.  Not just with fishing, but all aspects of any career are sales related, fishing professionally is no different.  You will always be selling something, and these classes will help your career on so many levels.  On the understanding side of things that directly influenced my fishing skills, Ichthyology class (the general study of fish) taught me a bunch, but my favorite class I took was Aquatic Entomology.  This class taught me everything about the lowest levels of the food chain in the Aquatic world.  Everything about the bugs, microscopic organisms, and the different forms of vegetation and environments the live in.  It taught me how to read water and know if the area was healthy and supportive for quality fish, which is what you are after in tournaments.  This class really opened my eyes to helping me understand how the food chain works under the water surface and how everything is tied in with each other.  It really trained me to pay attention to specific hatches and water quality at different times of the year.  I hope this helps!
Michael Murphy
FLW Tour Pro

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