large_SSREV5Our shipment of new WileyXs were dropped off about a month ago.  Upon shipment, we immediately tore open the box to check out their great offerings for 2009 and each grabbed a pair to test.  I chose the Revolvr, a larger styled frame similar to those from other brands that I was familiar and comfortable with.  As soon as I put the Revolvrs on, I could notice several immediate differences.  First and foremost, they are LIGHT!!  These Wiley’s feel great on my face and are much easier to wear for extended periods than some of the other brands I’ve rocked in the past couple of years.  Lots of the larger frame glasses I’ve worn have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on the tops of your ears over the course of a day, but I had no problems at all in that department with the Revolvrs.

Next, these shades have lenses on par, if not better, than those of the industry’s top competitors.  My Revolvrs came in a gloss tortoise frame with bronze-brown lenses.  This color was perfect for early morning blastoffs, but wasn’t so light that they rendered useless as the sun came up; they actually offer in my opinion, the best blend of both brightening/sharpening your surroundings in low light conditions and blocking/shading the rays in the bright sunlight of any glass I’ve worn. This is something you can’t find in a lot of lenses since oftentimes manufacturers will offer a light amber and then a standard of mirrors or greys, making two pair a necessity.  Two thumbs up on the lens coloration!!

With regard to the overall styling of the glasses, they are simply awesome.  Although a more full-sized glass, they are not overwhelming and can fit quite well on an array of differently sized faces.  As for the color of the pair I received, I must admit I was not a fan of tortoise colored frames on shades I’d seen in the past, but I was immediately impressed with the look of the tortoise on the Revolvrs, and have grown quite fond of the style.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sweet set of shades for the boat, or even something casual for the street, the Revolvr from WileyX is an excellent choice, and I will absolutely be putting some other brands aside in the future when grabbing my pair from the truck on tournament morning.