zaklargeBassEast product review on the Zak by WileyX – but first, a little about the product. WileyX has long been a favorite of the U.S. Armed Forces. They feature ANSI certified shatterproof lenses. If you have ever witnessed a lens shattered by a bullet weight you can understand the importance of this. Next is the proprietary Filter8 technology, which allows for 99.9% polarization along with 100% UV protection, so no squinting required. Some models use the patented facial cavity witch blocks out wind, debris and peripheral light.

Now, onto the Zak. Overall, a great pair of glasses! The first thing that caught my attention was the fit. They have a very nice and tight fit and are light enough to be worn all day in comfort. Nothing but good things can be said about the Emerald Mirror / Amber Tint lenses in the pair of Zaks I was testing. This is a super all-around lens that is very crisp in all light conditions, but is dark enough to be worn in the bright sunlight. In my opinion the WileyX Zak should be on everyone’s Christmas list. Check out the entire lineup at  I am sure they have a pair for you.