Brian Nelli won the 2022 Hobie Bass Open Series Tournament of Champions by a wide margin of nearly 20 inches.

His daily totals were 96.75, 96.25 and a commanding performance of 101.50 inches on the final day for a total of 294.50.

Brady Storrs took the top spot on Day 1, with the biggest single bass of the event, at 23.50, anchoring his 98.75. Nelli was 2 inches behind but caught up in the early minutes of Day 2 and never looked back. He built a lead of 10 inches by the end of the 2nd round before squeezing everything he could out of the most productive area of Caddo Lake.

TOC Grand Champion Brain Nelli photo courtesy of Steve Fields/Hobie BOS

The big grass flat on the Texas end of Caddo produced 4 of the TOC’s Top 5 finishes but Nelli found the spot-on-the-spot and worked it with a lure nobody else had.

A full-time kayak guide from South Florida, Nelli pulled a saltwater bait out of his tackle box. “It’s the Bomber Badonk-A-Donk,” revealed the Grand Champion.

“It’s a saltwater walk-the-dog type lure,” explained Nelli. “I doubled-up on it my very first two casts of the first day of the tournament.” Read the full story on

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