After years of testing and experimenting with different combinations of trout baits, deps Co. Ltd released the Silent Killer. Unlike anything on the market, this bait features a hard plastic body that is covered by a soft silicon skin. This combination of hard and soft material serves multiple purposes. Just like live trout, the Silent Killer has the same feeling when you hold it in your hands; firm on the inside but soft on the outside. When a fish hits the lure, the initial reaction of the fish will be as if it is eating a real trout and will hold onto the bait longer giving the angler an ample time to set the hook. The soft skin acts as a silencer and subdues the noise from the jointed area while creating a subtle kicking motion when swimming. The Silent Killer has a water through duct between the hard and the soft plastic which helps produce a distinct sound wave attracting fish from greater distances. The tail portion is a continuation of the rear joint so it swims naturally, producing a nice wake on the surface. The Silent Killer is constructed with long figure eight ringed screws to ensure the bait will hold up to the meanest of fish. The Silent Killer is ideal for dead sticking, surface waking, or steady subsurface retrieving. This bait is made for the discerning angler. It is the most natural looking, feeling, and swimming trout bait out on the market.

The Silent Killer Jr. from deps measures in at 5.75” long and weighs 1.5 oz. This downsized version of its predecessor, the Silent Killer, will slide through the water creating a natural action. As its name suggests, the soft silicon skin will subdue the noise created from the jointed area and leaves a smaller wake on the surface. The Silent Killer Jr. fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is the perfect match to many of the stocked trout being released by many of the hatcheries. The Silent Killer Jr. is ideal for dead sticking, surface waking, or steady subsurface retrieving.