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News Flash--World Record Largemouth Contender-wr2.jpg
Certified weight: 10.12 kg. = 22 lb. 5 oz
Length: 29.4 inches
Location caught: Lake Biwa, Japan
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This was just on the TV news about an hour ago, so this is all the info I have. Mr. Okamura, the president of Deps Tackle Co., helped with the interview; I did not catch the anglers name.

We are well past the spawning season when most of the giants are caught at Lake Biwa; most of the fish now are quiet slender (after spawn condition). Not this one!

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News Flash--World Record Largemouth Contender-wr3.jpg

Congrats to the angler on a fine catch.

Lake Biwa shocked the bass world a couple years ago by producing a bass that was well over 18 pounds (The Japan record was caught at Lake Ikehara, and weighted over 19 pounds.).

A 25 lb. bass was caught as by catch in a fisherman’s net earlier this year, so many thought it would be just a matter of time before a record size fish was taken from Japan’s largest (over 70 miles long) natural lake.

Story courtesy of and user “Capt. G”