>January 26, 2009 – Montgomery, AL – Four-time Bassmaster Classic champion Rick Clunn of Ava, MO is known for considering all the variables involved in a successful tournament finish. When he was first introduced to the Xtreme Glove at an Elite Series event in 2008 he saw the product as a way to protect his hands and the fish while handling them in the livewell and on stage. He also saw opportunities to improve the product and make it a must-have for anglers at all levels. The Rick Clunn Signature Series glove came about from working with the folks at Xtreme Glove and is in the proto-type stage with expected availability in April of 2009. Rick will be wearing the proto-type while fishing the 2009 Classic.

“In other sports like football and golf the competitors all wear gloves to protect their hands and give them a better feel. To this point anglers have felt that the gloves on the market offer protection, but eliminate feel. The components of the Xtreme Glove give me a better feel in addition to protecting my hands from the fish, sun and cold. I encourage people to open their minds to the possibilities that the Xtreme Glove brings them.”

“Working with an angler of Rick Clunn’s experience and studiousness has been priceless. We started out wanting to give anglers a way to protect their hands and ended up with a glove that will revolutionize the sport,” Lynn Robinson, CEO of Xtreme Glove. “The Signature Series glove is going to change the way people think about fishing and hand protection.”

Bass Pro Shops is signed up to carry Xtreme gloves in all of its stores in 2009 with shipments arriving in February.

For dealer inquiries and more information about Xtreme Glove contact Lynn Robinson at (334) 313-2201. Additional information can be found on the company’s redesigned website Xtreme Glove