Hackney And Rivet Love Their Tundras’ Fuel Mileage And Reliability

Like a lot of young Southern Louisiana bass anglers, Tyler Rivet grew up hoping to be like Greg Hackney, and given his current lead in the Bassmaster Angler of the Year points race, there’s a strong possibility his dreams of an iconic career like Hackney’s could come true.

Not only do the two talented pros come from Cajun country, they both purchased Toyota Tundras, and recently cashed Toyota Bonus Bucks checks as a result of their high finishes at Lake Seminole.

Plus, given Hackney’s unapologetic love of his torque and horsepower packed beast with much improved fuel mileage, it looks like there’s a good chance Rivet will follow further in Hackney’s footsteps by buying a new Tundra.

“We all know Toyota makes the most dependable truck out there, but let me tell you something, the gas mileage on this new Tundra is pretty crazy awesome. I’m getting 14 miles per gallon towing and 18-20 with no boat behind me, Plus, it pulls like a diesel because of the way Toyota engineered it to not shift constantly when you’re towing. I just set it on cruise control and go!” says Hackney.

“I’ll be really honest, now that I know how good the gas mileage is on the new Tundra, I’m probably going to sell the ¾ ton Chevy I drive around home sometimes, and replace it with a new Tundra too,” he adds.

Rivet’s Tundra is a 2019, and he’s been thinking seriously about upgrading to a new one. Given Hackney’s testimony, there’s a good chance he will.

“I bought my 2019 because I wanted to be eligible for Bonus Bucks, plus I wanted to be able to drive it through Elite Series and Classic weigh-ins to show off my sponsors, and we all know it’s a super reliable truck,” says Rivet.

“Hack was definitely a great dude to look up to growing up, and now I realize I have a chance to be a great mentor to all the high school kids where we’re from like he was to me and my buddies,” adds Rivet.

With a heart like that and best-in-the-game fishing talents too, Tyler Rivet is well on his way to becoming Southern Louisiana’s next generation of bass fishing greatness.

To learn more about the all new Toyota Tundra, and to get signed up for Toyota Bonus Bucks like Hackney and Rivet did, please visit https://www.toyotatrucksbonusbucks.com/.

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