Swindle’s Going To Chill Out This Season

Country music superstars Kenny Chesney and Dierks Bentley carry a large tub on tour to take ice baths in. Now, Team Toyota angler Gerald Swindle does too.

Long used by athletic training staffs to cool core body temps and reduce swelling in knees and elbows after taxing workouts for their players, cold tub therapy has become an increasingly popular means for performers from all walks of life to recover more quickly, including the 2-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year.

“Pro fishing doesn’t have an athletic training staff, so we learn to take care of ourselves. And starting this season, that’s going to include cold water therapy for me at the end of each long day on the water,” says Swindle.

Swindle was actually inspired to indulge in cold water therapy by his good buddy and Elite Series pro, Carl Jocumsen, and ironically, the 100-gallon tub he purchased at Tractor Supply is just like those used backstage at tournament weigh-ins to dip the day’s catch as anglers wait in line to weigh their fish.

But instead of filling it with largemouth or watering livestock, Swindle and his bride “Lulu” buy $20 worth of ice each day to dump in the 100-gallons of water the tub holds.

“We try to get the water temperature down to around 45 or 50 degrees, and I try to stay in it for about five minutes. After five back surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, five knee surgeries, and 53 birthdays, I can tell it helps me hurt less and feel a little more energetic,” says Swindle.

In fact, he says he’s already received interest from fellow angler Brandon Palaniuk about joining his latest therapeutic endeavor.

“I told him it’s BYOB – bring your own bathing suit, because we’re not going to be sitting around the campground in our cold tubs naked,” says the always hilarious Swindle.

Humor is good medicine, and we all know Swindle’s got plenty of that to compliment his new healing regimen.


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