Cobb Collects Costa Compete + Conserve cash

Brandon Cobb caught 81 pounds of bass in four days on largemouth-laden Lake Murray, SC to finish 6th at the Bassmaster Elite Series event, but that was good enough for a $3,000 contingency check from the Costa Compete + Conserve program that benefits serious anglers like Cobb, and a conservation group of their choosing.

Cobb wore Costa’s Reefton frames with green mirror 580P lenses to spot color changes on the bottom of Lake Murray’s plentiful points, indicating transitions from clay to rocks and deeper drop-offs that fish were relating to.

“Being able to see those transitions helped a ton this week on Murray, but the thing I’ve loved most about Costa my entire fishing career is how light their frames and lenses are on my face, not to mention all they do for our sport and conservation,” says the easy-going South Carolina pro.

Speaking of conservation, Costa Compete + Conserve winners have the option to choose between five conservation organizations to receive an allotted donation on behalf of the Costa Compete + Conserve Program. Cobb chose the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, which donates to numerous youth-oriented conservation projects that benefit local freshwater fisheries.

Compete + Conserve is not limited to pro anglers by any means, but you can’t win and support conservation if you’re not registered. To find out more and get signed-up, please visit

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