NPFL Angler Barron Adams Is Disqualified From Wright Patman Due To Rules Infraction.

Winning angler Barron Adams has his tournament weight disqualified for failing to produce a valid fishing license for the tournament waters.

TEXARKANA, TX (Apr 23, 2022) — The National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) announces that Wright Patman winning angler Barron Adams has had his weight over three days deemed ineligible for the tournament due to failure to produce a valid fishing license for the State of Texas.

“During the post tournament verification process, it was discovered that Barron Adams had competed in the event without valid fishing license,” said Brad Fuller of the NPFL. “In reference to NPFL Official Rules section 3 (referenced below), this resulted in his disqualification for the event.”

3. PAYBACK & PARTICIPATION – Payback is based on the full field of up to 130 anglers. Participation is open only to members of THE NATIONAL PFL. Any person’s participation in any tournament is at the sole discretion of THE NATIONAL PFL officials. All pros must have a valid fishing license for the waters they fish. Failure to provide proof of a valid fishing license within a reasonable amount of time when requested by the tournament director will result in disqualification for that day and any preceding days in which the license was required for the tournament.

“The League is confident that this was an inadvertent and unintentional rules violation on Barron’s behalf, and this is in no way a reflection of his integrity as an angler,” added Fuller. “Barron is a great person and a phenomenal angler, and we are proud to have him as a competitor in the National Professional Fishing League.”

About the National Professional Fishing League

The NPFL was designed to bring simplicity back to professional bass fishing – one lake, the full field fishing all three days, and the heaviest combined three-day weight winning. The goal of the NPFL is to put the anglers first and build a trail that gets back to what the founders of bass fishing intended it to be.

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