Pickwick 9-Pounder Anchors Bonus Bucks Owners Victory

Smallmouth tend to have the same mystical qualities at Pickwick as the many iconic hit
songs recorded in the surrounding Shoals region, but on a gorgeous late October Sunday it
was a 9-pound largemouth that became the top hit at the 12 th annual Toyota Bonus Bucks
Owners event.

Jake Lawrence and Monty Williams, both of Northwest Tennessee, leveraged Lawrence’s
supreme knowledge of forward-facing sonar to catch the green beast that highlighted their
mighty impressive 26 pound 10 ounce limit, and seven pound margin of victory over second
“Our boat was in 15-feet of water, but our keepers were swimming in the top third of the
water column about 5-feet below the surface,” says Lawrence, a full-time fishing guide who
provides forward facing sonar tutorials to his clients.
“The fact this is a no entry fee event is awesome, but it’s the catered food, hanging out with
all the top Toyota pros, and hundreds of people walking around smiling that make it so
special. Toyota just does so much for people who love to fish, and that played a big role in
buying a brand-new Highlander for my wife last week,” added Lawrence, who tows with a
Second and third place showed strong reflection of the unique family and fellowship aspect
of the Toyota Bonus Bucks event, as husband and wife teams posted very impressive limits.
Maddison and Triston Crowder finished second, and Keith and Penny Miller finished third,
with 19-pound limits each.
However, you don’t have to be in the Top 3 to go home smiling from this annual event. The
15 th place team scored a $1,000 Bass Pro Shops gift card, and the first team outside the
guaranteed paycheck line got $1,000 from Yamaha for their 31 st place finish.
Simply said, it pays to tow with a Toyota and sign-up for Bonus Bucks. Not only can you win
cash throughout the year, but this annual no-entry fee event provides all the good vibes of a
#1 song as well.
To learn more, and get signed up, please visit https://www.toyotatrucksbonusbucks.com/.

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