D-BOX Earns an “A”

DAIWA’s new system recycles plastic into premium utility tackle trays

Cypress, CA (June 21, 2023) – When the technological leader in rod and reel manufacturing introduces a commodity product, you can safely wager it’s better than the others. Such is the case with DAIWA’s new D-BOX Tackle System.

Being a DAIWA groupie, it’s time to renew your tackle utility boxes with the brand’s new premium and affordable collection. Available in two sizes (3600 and 3700) and six total configurations, DAIWA’s new D-Boxes features clear weathertight lids with four robust, tight-snapping latches to keep everything in check. Internal tabs are cut clean for instant organizing of each slot, with a total of 12 compartments in the 3600-size and 20 compartments in the 3700-size. Available in shallow, regular, and deep models.

And doing its part for the environment, DAIWA’s new D-BOX Tackle System boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic.





  • DAIWA D-BOX MS-MEDIUM SHALLOW (12C/3600 Shallow Equivalent)
  • DAIWA D-BOX MR-MEDIUM REGULAR (12C/3600 Regular Equivalent)
  • DAIWA D-BOX MD-MEDIUM DEEP (12C/3600 Deep Equivalent)
  • DAIWA D-BOX LS-LARGE SHALLOW (20C/3700 Shallow Equivalent)
  • DAIWA D-BOX LR-LARGE REGULAR (20C/3700 Regular Equivalent)
  • DAIWA D-BOX LD-LARGE DEEP (20C/3700 Deep Equivalent)

MSRP $11.99 to $18.99

For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: CSR@Daiwa.com. The URL for Daiwa’s web site is daiwa.us

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