Exploring Kissimmee Canal of FLORIDA GIANT

The Lucky Craft 1.5 was the first of it’s kind, the original plastic squaebill. Checkout these tips and a few epic fish catches!

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LC 1.5 : https://amzn.to/41ORic0

LC 1.5 : https://ebay.to/3mz5TbC

LC 1.5DRS : https://amzn.to/3L0519W

LC 1.5DRS : https://ebay.to/3myZFYX

LUCKY CRAFT USA Website : https://luckycraft.com/

Facebook : https://bit.ly/3zip0dQ

Instagram : https://bit.ly/3v4BEuh

Twitter : https://bit.ly/3RHGOWZ

YouTube : https://bit.ly/3oe4Mvs

TikTok : https://bit.ly/3PGgqe7

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