Personal Best Caught While Filming

Filming days are always good, follow along on this trip and watch Jeff Clough catch his personal BEST!

【Crush #22】Personal Best Caught While Filming The Socal Crusher-Lower Colorado River Trip-

【Crush #21】 Lower Colorado River Trip Day3 Blythe Area

・Spring/2023 ・Lower Colorado River ・8″ PAPA BOOM Weedless Swimbait…

Optimum Baits Thumper Tail BUTCH BROWN FLASH TROUT…


Cast> ・Jeff Clough/@socalcrusher

Optimum Baits/ /@OptimumBaits

Miroku @mirokubigbaitsswimbaitsins5420 @miroku_bigbaits_in_cali

See the full OPTIMUM line up here.

You can follow us here



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