3DB Series Squarebill Crankbait 1.5

Color: Citrus Shad
Sale price$8.99


Introducing the Crank 1.5 from Yo-Zuri, a reimagined squarebill crankbait specifically tailored for the bass angler. This half-ounce bait provides the perfect mimicry of local forage in any lake, pond, or river. It's designed with superb buoyancy, enabling it to smoothly glide over laydowns and rocks, optimizing your angling across all target zones.

The bait's "red" eyes emulate a distressed baitfish, a sight that irresistibly triggers predatory strikes from big bass. With the integration of Yo-Zuri's proprietary "Wave Motion Technology," each bait in this series releases vibrations that ripple through the water column, increasing your chances of a fruitful catch.

Offering prism and internal painted finishes, this new addition is set to become an indispensable tool for power anglers. The Crank 1.5 promises to transform your bass angling experience.

Key Features:

  • Unique Internal 3D Prism Finish and New Painted Finish, globally patented
  • Wave Motion Technology for sending vibrations through the water
  • Round Bend Black Nickel Hooks for a secure catch
  • Ideal for Shallow Water Search
  • Built with Tough and Durable ABS Resin Material for extended durability

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