Bucket Get'R Frog

Color: Bone
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The BUCKET GET'ER frog, is the first frog ever introduced to the US market from BUCKETMOUTH BRAND. The frog market has gone crazy and we have seen more frogs come on the market in a short time span than ever before. With all the great hollow- bodied frog baits already on the market, the team at BUCKETMOUTH knew they they had to really put something extra into the design of the BUCKET GET'ER to make it stand out.

The first unique feature you'll notice is that it has been designed to utilize the full potential of the exclusive KONA EWG Double Frog Hook. The wire used in this hook is 2x strong, ensuring it can stand up to strong rods and braided line. When you press down on the BUCKET GET'ER's body you won't believe the amount of hook that is exposed, thanks to the EWG Hook, and how soft the plastic is. The body of the frog is narrower and longer than most frogs on the market, which will help it walk-the-dog easily in open water. The ‘nose' of the bait is anchored to the wire just behind the line tie eye, which has been welded closed so your super braid line cannot slip out. The weight is molded into the body and cannot fall off or move. The body resists filling with water, making the BUCKET GET'ER land correctly almost every time.

The BUCKET'GET'ER is a great all-purpose frog, good for thick mats, sparse grass, and open water. This bait's combination of durable hook and wide-ranging application make it ready for any situation. Whether you're in shallow or deep water, heavy vegetation or open water, you can trust the BUCKET GET'ER to stay securely attached and have the perfect action on the retrieve.

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