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NEW for 2024 The SquareBanger was designed for anglers looking to cover vast amounts of water in search of monster-sized bass in the 3-6’ section of the water column. The slightly larger profile and square bill is perfect for running through heavy cover & structure without worry.

Unique to the SquareBanger is the bait's ribbed underbelly that generates vibrations that trophy bass cannot resist when its ripped through open water, deflected off structure, or worked through grassy areas.

Armed with two 4/0 razor-sharp Mustad hooks, the front being the MONSTERBASS signature red that indicates a wounded baitfish and provides extra flash for a predator to key in on. Everything about this square bill crank bait is intentionally premium & designed to help you put more bass in the boat.

Coming soon... in the fall of 2024 the Little Banger will be released. A smaller 1.5 profiled version of this bait.


  • Diving Depth: 3-6'
  • Length: 2.33"
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.

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