Hi-Def Craw

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The Tackle HD Hi Def Craw genuinely looks and moves like a living crawdad. It began as a 3D scan of an actual crawdad for unmatched realism, then was modified to naturally mimic a real crawdad’s movements. The lifelike details and subtle action make it an ideal option for numerous techniques. The Stealth HD Jighead provides the most realistic profile and motion when used with the Tackle HD Hi Def Craw. Bass won't be able to recognize it when employed with a Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, jig, or shaky head and worked along the bottom. Keeping with reality, this Tackle HD Hi Def Craw is available in true-to-life hues. A meticulous crawfish imitation, the Tackle HD Hi Def Craw sets a new standard.

Color: Green Pumpkin
Size: 3"

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